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Elevate Your Industrial Mixing Efficiency with
Powder Mixers - Ribbon, Fluidized Zone, Plow, Paddle, Conical, Double Cone, V-Blenders, and Vacuum Mixers & Dryers

Discover the pinnacle of industrial mixing technology with Fuxion’s extensive range of Powder Mixers.

Our innovative solutions encompass a diverse lineup, including Ribbon Mixers, Fluidized Zone Mixers, Plow Mixers, Paddle Mixers, Conical Mixers, Double Cone Mixers, V-Blenders, and Vacuum Mixers & Dryers.

Elevate your production processes and achieve unparalleled mixing efficiency with Fuxion’s cutting-edge equipment.

Ribbon Mixers

Ribbon Mixer

Fuxion Ribbon Mixers are designed for precision blending of dry powders and granules.

The unique ribbon agitator ensures homogeneous mixing, making them ideal for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals. Increase your production consistency and reduce processing time with Fuxion Ribbon Mixers.

Fluidized Zone Mixers

Fluidized Zone Mixer

Optimize your mixing applications with Fuxion Fluidized Zone Mixers, specifically engineered for delicate materials and heat-sensitive products.

The fluidized bed technology ensures gentle yet thorough mixing, making them suitable for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food industries.

Plow Mixers

Plow Mixer

Fuxion Plow Mixers are renowned for their ability to handle cohesive powders and provide excellent mixing results.

With multiple plow-shaped agitators, these mixers promote efficient material movement and prevent particle segregation.

Enhance your mixing processes in the chemical and construction material industries with PerMix Plow Mixers.

Paddle Mixers

Paddle Mixer

For high-intensity mixing applications, Fuxion Paddle Mixers are the solution of choice.

Their paddle agitators create a fluidized zone, ensuring consistent blending of even the most challenging materials. Elevate your efficiency in industries such as ceramics, pigments, and plastics with Fuxion Paddle Mixers.

Conical Mixers

Conical Mixer

Fuxion Conical Mixers are designed for gentle and efficient blending of powders with varying particle sizes.

The conical shape and agitator configuration ensure a uniform mix, making them ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical,
and food industries.

Double Cone Mixers

Double Cone Mixer

Experience versatility in mixing with Fuxion Double Cone Mixers, suitable for blending powders with varying bulk densities.

The double cone design facilitates efficient material movement, ensuring homogeneous results.

These mixers find applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries.


V blender

Fuxion V-Blenders offer a straightforward yet effective solution for blending free-flowing powders.

The V-shaped container and twin-shell design promote quick and thorough mixing, making them a go-to choice for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Vacuum Mixers & Dryers

Vacuum Mixers & Dryers

Enhance your product quality and reduce drying time with Fuxion Vacuum Mixers & Dryers.

These systems combine mixing and drying processes under vacuum conditions, ensuring efficient and controlled results. Ideal for industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals, these mixers offer superior product quality.

Fuxion stands at the forefront of industrial mixing technology, providing a comprehensive range of Powder Mixers tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Elevate your production efficiency, achieve consistent results, and stay ahead of the competition with Fuxion’s cutting-edge equipment.

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