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Medicine is an industry with high technology, high risk, high investment and high return.

Medicine is an industry with high technology, high risk, high investment and high return. The rapid development of modern biotechnology has a revolutionary influence on the pharmaceutical industry, the deepening of the understanding of difficult diseases, the advent of a large number of new biotech drugs, and the transformation of the traditional industry with biological technology to greatly change the status of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical industry worldwide is subject to the absolute highest standards regarding safety, purity and reproducibility. All our systems for versatile applications in the field of solid products manufacture are developed and implemented in accordance with the complex body of rules and regulations governing laboratories and production lines. The mixers are fabricated as same with food and even higher than food mixers. High sanitary design is the most basic principle than other zone mixer. No contamination via black and white steel is totally separated during process is Compulsory. High accurate performance and blend uniformity are always the guarantee of no fatal deviation could be existed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Most pharmaceutical chemical blending is alone with the heat transfer and other chemical reaction or physical properties changing. The famous pharmaceutical enterprise: Merck is our faithful partner. Dedicated to mixing equipment fabrication more than 30 years, Fuxion now own competitive strength in this market and even can be the perfect substitute for those traditional European Manufacturers.

fuxion provide

  • GMP standard without dead space, smooth surface, radius corner
  • FDA certificate for non-metal part
  • BPE quick clamp nozzles
  • Efficient CIP (cleaning-in-place) system design
  • Patent design for main shaft seal
  • Heating and cooling process with pressure certificates (GB code)
  • Accessories: dosing system, weighing system, electric panel box, vacuum feeding station, etc.
Typical Applications
Basic Pharma Materials Active Agents Pharma Intermediates
Tablets Capsules Pellets
Granules Particles/Crystals Moist Product

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