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Chemicals :

In daily life, we can easily find chemical products everywhere. During the production for chemicals, the common processes are mixing, heating, cooling and reacting.

Due to the diversity of raw materials and final products, as well as the complexity of the production process, tens of thousands of chemical production processes have been formed. For these numerous chemical production processes, they are organically combined with chemical reactions and a number of physical operations.

Chemical reaction and reactor is the core of chemical production, and the physical process plays the role of preparing the appropriate reaction conditions for chemical reaction and separating and purifying the reactant to obtain the final product. fuxion has reliable mixing system especially for chemical products.

fuxion provide

  • Multiple types mixers for different status materials
  • Heavy duty design
  • Special construction material like dual-phase steel
  • BPE quick clamp nozzles
  • Efficient CIP (cleaning-in-place) system design
  • Patent design for main shaft seal
  • Heating and cooling process with pressure certificates (GB code)
  • Ex-proof for hazardous area equipment
  • Accessories: dosing system, weighing system, electric panel box, vacuum feeding station, etc.
Typical Applications
Fine Chemicals Fertilizer Pesticide
Color Pigment/Dyestuff Functional Compounds Detergent
Battery Compounds Catalyst Resin Compounds
Stabilizer Chemical Agents Carbon Powder

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